This apple is strange and the woods it will change

by Vera Stoykova
Galin Ginev
Adriana Dobreva
Adriana Dobreva
Ivan Krastev
Diana Staykova, Emilia Petkova, Petya Boncheva, Tanya Velyanova, Tanya Zhekova
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In the woods we know, something new will happen. There will be an …apple..standing between good friends. “So what?” – everyone would ask – “It is just an apple”. Yes, it is the good old apple, but do we recognize our favorite characters? Are they the same? Urchy – the hedgehog, Bunny, Jay, Squirrel and Bear have something in their mind, but what is it? And what stops them from being friendly when their paths cross around the woods? We will find out when we sit in the theater and let the actors – excellent storytellers, lead us after the steps of our good friends from the woods, with their small and big troubles. Naïve, kind, funny and sunk in their conversations, they will tell us even a bit more than what we have come over to find out. Very funny and moral, the story is suitable for young audience and all other tale lovers at all ages. Oh, and don’t forget to give your applause in case you like the end.