For the first time

Bulgarian authors
whose plays have been performed for the first time by
Varna Puppet Theatre

Angelova, Marieta - A Tale of Truth and Non-Truth
Aprilov, Boris - Chimi, The Egg, The Mad Kite
Argiropulos, Kiryakos - Birds (based on Aristophanes)
Arnaudov, Ivan - Sunny Apple
Assenov, Maxim - The Golden Bird, The Happiest Man
Belov, Stefan - Alice (based on Lewis Caroll's work)
Boychev, Christo - As the Frenchmen Say
Vodenicharova, Katya - With a Nose in the Clouds
Golev, Vladimir - Tales by Order
Dimitrov, Simeon - The Nightingale (after Andersen)
Dionissiev, Vesselin - The Lion Hunt
Elin Pelin - The Old Man's Mitten
Zlatev, Zlati - Red Riding Hood on Christmas Eve (after Charles Perault)
Kaba, Janan - The Long-Nosed Dwarf ( after Wilhelm Haul)
Kapon, Leonard - A Tale of the Sleeping Kingdom
Karaliichev, Angel - Toshko Africanski
Minovska Rossitsa - Mary Poppins ( after Pamela Travors)
Moskova, Rada - When the Daisy Blooms, The Country Where You Could Do Whatever You Like
Mochurov, Atanas - The Merry Roosters, Cunning Petyo
Ostrikov, Ivan - Your Little Star, The Big Liar, Little Rumi and the Old Lion
Panchev, Pancho - Sun's Magic
Parushev, Nikolay - In Foreign Climes, There was a Little Devil
Petkov, Darin - The Old Bear Got Choked (after Ran Bossiiek), When Is the Spring Coming
Petrov, Valeri - Palechko, White Tale, An Understatement
Ran Bossiiek - The Patilan Kingdom
Savov, Savko - Skillful Hedgehog
Sotirov, Zhivko - Sleeping Beauty ( after Charles Perault)
Stanev, Ludmil - Tale of the Princess and the Pea (after Andersen)
Stoykova, Vera - Little Christmas Story, A Tale of the Star of Bethlehem, Christmas Star (after Georgi Raychev)
Stratiev, Stanislav - Journey with no Suitcase
Sunninski, Sunni - Aladdin, Hercules
Todorov, Yordan - Goldie Golden Girl, Maximka, Little Ani, The Duckling, Tale of Sleepy Girl, Pie the Parrot, A Tale of Baba Marta, Little Puppy, Snowy the Snowman, The Raven
Tochev, Dimitar - Booboo, Booboo's New Adventures
Tsankova, Vesselina - Spring Carnival
Tsankova, Yana - A Show Dedicated to the Baron Munchausen
Shwarts, Edi - Chimney Tales
Shinov, Chavdar - A Tale of Bell Wood, Prokop the Little Screw, Peshko and the Wolf
Yabandjieva, Lilyana - Motley World

Plays by foreign authors
performed by Varna Puppet Theatre for the first time in Bulgaria

Bieloshevich, Predrag - The Sad Prince
Vilkovski, I - Rimchimchi the Little Bear
Kossakovska.M and Y. Galevich - A Tale of Onigashima
Lifshits, V. - Little Potato Man
Lifshits, V. and I.Kichanova - The Mysterious Hippopotamus
Lopeyska, L. and A.Krchulova - The Little Stork and the Scarecrow
Maslov, Vladimir - Love, Love
Meshkov, Kim - Sunny Sunflower
Oshnitsa, Yan - Petrushko's Comedy
Perzhinova, Iva - Don Juan or the Seville Epidemic
Pushkin A.S. - Queen of Spades (script by Yordan Todorov)
Stoyanovich, Ksenia - Mi-Shi-Ko and Mi-Shi-San
Strzheda, Ludvig - Star Boy
Suadarushkin, Boris - A Tale of Emelya
Wilde, Oscar - The Nightingale and the Rose (script by Yordan Todorov)
Chizhikov, A. and V.Smirnov-Ulyanovski - Snow Story
Shukshin, Vassili - Until the Third Rooster Crows
Stok, Isidor - Divine Comedy
Schisgal, Murray - The Basement