For Children

Magic meadow

What shall we do today? Let’s do something together. Let’s create a “fariy tale meadow” and sink into the magic world of those stories that flowers, birds and ladybugs whisper to us.    Read more »

This apple is strange and the woods it will change

In the woods we know, something new will happen. There will be an …apple..standing between good friends. “So what?” – everyone would ask – “It is just an apple”. Yes, it is the good old apple, but do we recognize our favorite characters?    Read more »

Winnie the Pooh

Some characters will never be forgotten, Winnie the Pooh for example. This year he celebrates 90 years since his first meeting with all children. Kids and parents – we all love him very much. He helps us stop for a minute in our busy day, so we can do “nothing” and have fun.    Read more »

The Magic Cooks

Four magic cooks with fantasy and imagination will introduce the audience in an unexpected game with vegetables, fruits and other products of the vast world of food.    Read more »

A Journey with a Painted Man

A painted little man is headed to the land of Geometry. On his way, he will meet Circly, Rectangly, Square-man and Triangulus, who will go with him, inpatient to get to know the world. At the end, they all will discover that there is nothing better than living together.
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The Little Mermaid

Far away, in the deepest sea, in the middle of a land of marvelous plants and fish, colorful corals and castles made of shells, live the mermaids.    Read more »

Greyclothy and Quickrunny

Created after Leda Mileva’s poem of the same name, a favorite author of generations of Bulgarian children, the performance is introducing us to the woods of magic, where the two little bunnies – Greyclothy and Quickrunny play together carelessly.    Read more »

Magic of Sea

Visual, interactive, this performance – a street procession, is an attractive open air event, having a bright and a very powerful impact on the audience. Such procession stamps the minds of all people who has ended up being at the chosen unusual theatre space and freely draws them into the world of fantasy.    Read more »

The Crooked Duckling

Being a favorite tale of generations of Bulgarian kids “The Crooked Duckling” after Elin Pelin becomes true once more on the stage of Varna State Puppet Theatre to resurrect the very nice tradition of telling enchanting stories around the home fire.    Read more »

Fruits and Veggies on Board

Funny and educational, this performance will introduce the children to the vast world of fruits and vegetables - one unexpected walk around the magic garden of imagination, which wakes up the appetite for healthy foods.    Read more »


In an unreachable tower with no doors, far from people’s eyes, lives the long-haired beauty Rapunzel. Locked by the witch Mother Gothel, completely isolated she is craving freedom.    Read more »

Who said "Meow"?

“Here is a discover - what if all the colors,
Start a dance on a blank piece of paper?    Read more »

The Fabulous Princess

A fairy-tale game with children`s favorite characters and fabulous fairies    Read more »

Under the Mushroom

Mrs. Sunny and Mr. Rainy are always arguing about who is more important for all the kids and flowers – the Sun or the Cloud. Even the little meadow is separated on two sides – a sunny one and a rainy one.    Read more »

Little Wizards

In every country, in every town, in every neighbourhood, on every street lives at least one weird old man who can not smile.    Read more »

The Magic Tinder

“The Magic Tinder” is a story about the story teller Hans-Christian Andersen.
It’s a story about the world of fairy tales where everything is possible if we wish it and strongly believe it. Also about the responsibilities we take when we follow our wishes.    Read more »

Snow White and the Magical Gift

In a small snowy house by the woods, Snow White is expecting her dwarfs.    Read more »

Piggy The Unruly

Little Piggy is romping, playful and very curious. He wants to play, he even wants to help, but the only thing he hears is “You are still too young” and “When will you grow up, Unruly kid?”    Read more »

Island of the Songs

The island of the evil – Crocodilia, must turn into an island of the song. So the best singers from all over the world will help for that : Sami the Eagle from USA, Baluba the Zebra from Africa, Bravo the Parrot from Latin America, Misha the Bear from Russia, Francois the Rooster from France, Capitolia the She-wolf from Italy and Gramotran the Donkey from Bulgaria.    Read more »

Grandpa`s Mitten

Who does not remember the story about that absent-minded old man, who had gone for Zlatitsa and lost his mitten? The same thing will happen to him once again on the theatre stage…and again his mitten will gather together the Little mouse Nibble, Bunny from the middle woods, Foxy, Wolfy and the Little Bear.    Read more »

Allegro Vivace or When the Puppets dance

Allegro Vivace is a funny musical puppet show, where we meet again the musical charm of puppets and their amazing abilities.      Read more »

Znaiko Know-all

A cheerful educational performance full of music and songs that invites the young spectators to visit the forest school.    Read more »

Puss in Boots

« Puss in Boots » is a play created by a theatre crew of young people. The play is devoted to the 400th anniversary of the birth of Charles Perrault. This theatre project is supported by Varna Municipality.    Read more »

Visit to Grandma Marta

Grandma Marta is sleeping at her house, in the thick of the wood. The first spring flowers wake her up. They announce her that February has gone away and the forest is getting ready to meet the spring and the first birds.    Read more »

Sleeping Beauty

The beloved children’s tale is back to the stage 16 years later in a mini variant. Narrated in a captivating way by the actors Gergana Gospodinova and Stoyan Stoyanov, it brings us to the fairy tale world where everything begins by “Once upon a time…” and has a happy end.    Read more »

Little Ida’s Flowers

A magic performance after the reputed Andersen’s tale that inspired ones of the most interesting modern Bulgarian people of theatre – the writer Teodora Dimova, the director Georgy Mihalkov, the stage designer Svila Velichkova and the entire staff of Varna Puppet Theatre.    Read more »

The Little Parrot Rony

The story of the young parrot Rony is a touching story about friendship which does not suffocate you but gives air to the other one to live his own life, to discover things, to suffer his own life lessons.    Read more »

Greedy Goody Bear

The incredible story-teller Ran Bosilek will carry us away to animals` world and their relationships, which help children to understand that when one thinks of himself only and overlooks friendship  a lot of unpleasant things can happen to him.    Read more »

A Story About the Singing Tree

A young princess lives a free and happy life in the kingdom of her father. The witch that watches her from outside sneaks in the palace and incites the Princess to ask for a Golden leaf from the Singing three, which will bring her happiness, as a present for her birthday.    Read more »

The Snow Queen

What could stand in the way of a tender friendship as it happens with Kay and Gerda? A small piece of the wicked mirror that makes you see the world ugly; the kiss of Snow Queen that freezes your heart…    Read more »

The Little Sunflower

When you are young, sincere and somewhat naive there will always be someone to mock at you. This is absolutely disgusting – the old and reliable keeper of the farmyard Sharo comes to this conclusion.    Read more »

The Golden Fish

A granpa and a grandma lived once near the deep blue sea…    Read more »

Frog the King

To promise something and to keep your promise – that’s praiseworthy! But the princess in this story does just the opposite! Any evasion from responsibility sweeps her along into lie after lie.    Read more »


 Cinderella is the favorite story of children and adults. A tale that makes the audience believe in miracles and want to relive all over again the touching story of a poor girl, who becomes a princess.    Read more »

The Dog That Could Not Bark

What does teaching somebody something mean? What does finding your own voice mean?    Read more »

For Adults

The Purple Island

Or Main rehearsal of the performance of Jules Verne
In the theatre of Genadii Panfilovich –
With music, volcanic eruptions and English sailors in four acts, with a prologue and an epilogue

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Silent Legends

“Silent Legends” is a try along the help of the dance theater and the multimedia to create the visual worlds of two Bulgarian legends about wood-nymphs, united in a common plot.    Read more »

Legally Liar

Everything started after I read „Gelsomino in the country of liars“ after Gianni Rodari.
Here's what: Our past is never being talked about and whatever is not talked about could be easily falsified.    Read more »

With a Light Step and Other Tries

The newest performance “With a Light Step and Other Tries” is uniting 13 extremely funny stories in a tragical-comic mix. Inspired by the art of the israeli artist Hanoch Levin.    Read more »

Nine and a Bit

Nine people leave on a summer day from nine different places,
to get together at some time past nine at an unusual place for an unusual meeting.
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Bollywood is the Indian equivalent of Hollywood. It is a symbol of an exotic, attractive kitsch, and of course symbol of the need of the characters to express their feelings and solve their problems by dancing and singing, whatever they do.    Read more »

Outlook of a Stump

A man made of wood makes paper. A man writes on this paper about another man made of wood who chops a tree and makes a man who…    Read more »

The Happy Prince

An ordinary little swallow meets on the road a stone statue, the Happy Prince, “gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two bright sapphires, and a large red ruby glowed on his sword-hit”. It never occurred to them that this meeting will change their lives, involving them in a variety of dramatic experiences...    Read more »

The Beauty is Sleeping

We dare to be the people such as we are only in our dreams.When are we real ? In our waking hours or when we sleep?    Read more »

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a romantic story for adults based on the original fairy-tale written by the French author Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.    Read more »

Some Peculiarities of the... Puppet Theatre

The performance Some Peculiarities of … the Puppet Theatre is a unique show exhibiting known and unknown characters in new situations.    Read more »

Mozart and Salieri

Mozart and Salieri is one of the Pushkin’s Small Tragedies that is written in 1830. By this play, Pushkin disseminates the unproved idea that Salieri killed his genial confrere Mozart by envy.    Read more »

The Cave and the Shadows

The cave and the shadows is a vanguard performance, created after the idea and pictures of Sasho Anastasov, who is a famous Bulgarian painter.    Read more »

Folklore Fantasies

An amusing play of imagination and fantasy, which is woven upon some motif taken from the treasury of authentic Bulgarian folklore. A real story narrated with the help of everyday objects from the nearest past and with many bright hues of various forms and sounds woven in it.    Read more »