Under the Mushroom

After the tale of V. Suteev
Bianka Benkovska
Temenuga Stancheva
Bianka Benkovska
Music arrangement – Svetla Vasileva
Veselina Kalcheva, Ivan Shumarov
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Mrs. Sunny and Mr. Rainy are always arguing about who is more important for all the kids and flowers – the Sun or the Cloud. Even the little meadow is separated on two sides – a sunny one and a rainy one. On Mrs. Sunny's side it is so fun, flowers are blooming, animals are singing and dancing, but on the other rainy side there is a little mushroom and under it – the little Snail, one happy Butterfly, the jumping little Crow, the fearful Bunny, the wily Foxy, the not very wise Wolfy and the big big Bear are going to find shelter and a friend.
And how many do you think could hide under a mushroom?
And how do they fit in there?